Tutorial Bridge

Tutorial Bridge 5.01

Tutorial Bridge is a software that teaches you to play the game Contract Bridge

Tutorial Bridge is a program that can teach you how to play the game Contract Bridge, while gives you the chance to play it and know all of the game rules and conventions. Through this self-playing application, Contract Bridge’s players will get to know the logic behind any bid made or card played. Players can interact with Tutorial Brigde at their own pace, according to the each player’s level of expertise.

The software includes many options so that both beginners and advanced learners can get the most of their experience using it, for example, unlimited undo of bid or card played to compare his/her action with the one Charlie, the computer would have used.

Contract Bridge is a partnership game played at a table of four players where a pair of players compete against another. Using a deck of 52 cards, partners sit opposite one another and are assigned as North and South, or "East and West.  The goal in contract bridge is to reach a score of 100 points, before the other team.
The game has a total of four levels that challenge all player’s degree of experience.

Review summary


  • Comprehensive tutorial and well-explained rules for beginners


  • Permanent nag screen on the board
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